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29 Apr

Why can not my website google google?


We prepare our web sites for your google robot to get the best possible ranking in the hit list.


Search Engine Optimization (SEO) means improving the appearance of a web page in search engines in “normal” or unpaid search results. Generally, as soon as possible, ie better ranked on the hit page and multiple pages appearing in the hit list, the more visitors you get from search engine users. SEO can target different areas, such as image search, video search, local search or scientific search, article search or industry-specific search. Webmasters and content providers started search engine optimization in the mid-1990s, with the first web searchers running. At the beginning, webmasters only had to send the web page title or URL to the search engines and wait until they sent a search engine to the page and indexed it. During the process, the crawler loads the page to the search server, and a second program, the so-called indexer, retrieves the information, such as the words contained and their location, the weighting of specific words, and all the links contained in the page that the crawler will later download.

Google, Bing and Yahoo, the leading search services, use so-called crawlers to find algorithmic search results. Pages that are overlooked on another page already in the search results list do not have to be manually recommended because they automatically find the search robots. Some search engines, such as Yahoo! paid payback systems, which guarantee the return to the index or at a predetermined price or click price. These programs will guarantee the access to the database but do not guarantee the access to the site.The two main link collections, the Yahoo Directory and the Open Directory Project require personal submission and human judgment.Google uses the Google Webmaster Tools tool to allow an XML site map creating and submitting free submissions to ensure that all subpages are found, most notably those that could not be detected by automatic crawl.

Crawlers can consider a variety of factors when crawling a web page. Not all pages are indexed by search engines. The distance of pages from the main page can play a decisive role in getting the page into the index.
What are we to avoid, what is the biggest enemy of a good hit list?

One of my clients, having completed their website soon on the first page was in the ninth position. He thought this was a little and he was going to be torn to the first place. Various link exchange sites registered. There were a lot of pages on their page that resulted. Your google excluded your page from your searches. Such link exchange pages are created for simple advertising revenue. Hundreds can be found on the internet but not all that is useless but directly harmful to our website. However, links to our site are required but care must be taken to link only quality links. Links to most link exchange sites point to paid gaming sites, online casinos. These google do not reward you so much.



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