02 Jun

Google backs up popup windowed websites!

Google has set the date months ago. As of January 10, 2017, there is a penalty for popup windows and the mobile-friendly tag disappears.

The termination of the tag was justified by the fact that 85% of the results are mobile-friendly, so it is unnecessary to indicate this separately. The label is erased to keep the result lists clean. Of course, this does not mean that mobile algorithms would disappear, in fact. If you’re mobile to your site, it still has the advantage of ranking, but without tag. For the remaining 15%, non-responsive page, this may be beneficial, so without a tag, your clickthrough rate may improve.

The other such change is popup popups that cover the substantive content of the webpage. These elements spoil the user experience, making it difficult to read content quickly. According to the article, these pages annoy the user, especially in the mobile view, because there is even a smaller screen so more of the window pops up.

To this end, Google has come up with a solution that lists back mobile pages from January 10, where important information is not immediately visible. Here are some examples:

Your page will be listed below if

– the popup window is so large that it cleans much of your content,
– Encourages visitors to download different apps and can only return to the information they originally visited
– the content content is scrolled only in the small band behind the pop-up window

And here are some examples that are not forbidden:
– if the popup window informs you of any laws, cookies or age limits
– if it is an entry interface for a private site
– if it is a banner that is small and does not greatly disturb the essential content

Be sure to review them again in the mobile view to meet the rules!



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